👋 Bonjour !

It's Jérémy. I'm a full-stack developer since 2007.

I'm french and I live close to Paris with my wife, our two children and our old english bulldog.

I love making innovative Web sites for the general public, such as the booking site of Club Med, the home loan simulator for ING Direct or the new online ticketing service of Roland-Garros.

I worked 5 years for OCTO Technology, as a software architect and developer. In 2015, I became the leader of the WEBF tribe, dedicated to the Web front-end development.

Since 2016, I am the CTO of Pix, a french public service I co-founded that helps people to measure, develop and valorize their digital competence.

My main technologies are JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. I used Java and JVM technologies for years but this time is far away now.

After making the right thing at the right time, the thing I prefer is making the thing right. I try to make my code clean and I'm aware of DDD, clean architecture and all other software craftsmanhip practices or agile methodologies.

Today, one of the most important things to me when I code is "knowing, using and respecting the standards". It's why I prefer Vue.js over React, or Ember.js over Angular.

My main purpose when I wake up every morning is "help people growing and having fun".

You can follow me on GitHub, Twitter or LinkedIn.